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While preparing a "Guide to Services" for the Trail, we asked every business along the trail about the types of amenities and services they provided to trail users. We used a checklist form to document each business' decision. A sample form is included below. We were pleasantly surprised to find that 80% of businesses permitted trail users access to restrooms and drinking water. The survey was the best investment of time and resources we've made. We had one-on-one contact with business owners/managers; we don't have to provide comfort stations; the businesses were great resources for trail needs; we can focus our limited budget on services that are truly needed; and cyclists know which business provides what service. No fees are charged for the listing and no money is paid to the business for the services. The business has the option to opt out of the service with each edition of the Guide. You may want to know that the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail in Vermont crosses through dairy farm country with some village areas of 2,500-5,000 people. The longest stretch of trail without services is approximately 3.5 miles.

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Date of Interview: ______/______/______

Business Name: _________________________________________

Person Contacted: _______________________________________

Business Location: ______________________________________

Business Address: _______________________________________

Telephone: _____________________________________________

Would you like to be included in the Guide? ___ Y ___ N

If Yes, what services and amenities does your business provide?

___Restrooms (restrictions? request, etc.__________________________________)

___Public parking (restrictions? ____________________________________________)

___Public telephone

___Drinking water to fill bottles

___Bicycle racks

___Picnic tables/area

___Restaurant, eat first

___Restaurant, pay first




___Cremees/Ice Cream

___Convenience store



___Equipment or repair shop . . . ___ snowmobile ___ skis ___ bikes

___ other

___Boat/canoe rentals

___River access

___Travel information

___Travel maps for purchase


Would you like copies of the Guide to distribute in your business? ___ Y ___ N

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Note that a list of services could also be assembled from the Recreational and Cultural Interest Signs at the Manual of Traffic Signs Web Site by Richard C. Moeur.

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