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ATV/ORV Riding in Vermont

Resource Sheet - Revised May 1999

General Conditions

Vermont, with its steep slopes, heavy rainfall, and highly erodible soils is generally not wel-suited for ATV riding. Riders are urged to use good judgement about when and where to ride in order to minimize ervimnmental impact. Permission of the landowner is needed to ride on all lands exepted as noted below


ATV's must be registered to ride any place other than the owner's private property. Contact the Dept. of Motor Vehicles, 120 State Street, Montpelier, VT 05602, for registration informtion. Operation under age 18 must bold the appropriate safety education certificate.

Town Roads

An ATV may not be operated "along a public hishway unless it is not being maintained during the snow season or unless the highway has been opened to all-tertain vehicle travel by the Selectboard or Trustees 61 other other governing body and is so posted by the municipality. [T 23 s. 3506(b)(1)]

State Lands

ATV riding is prohibited on all State-owned lands. There are no designated State areas or trails. The Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources has designated all frozen bodies of water open to ATV travei, except: Amity Pond, Windsor County; Levi Pond, Caledonia County; Marsh Pond, Rutland County; Waterbury Reservoir, Washington County; Bear Pond Lamoille County; Sterling Poand Lanoille Coumy: Lake of the Clouds Lamoille County.

Federal Lands

All riding is prohibited on Federal lands except for the 12-mile Woodford ATV Trail which is open an a trial basis for winter use only. For more information conitact the US Forest Service, Manchester District, PO Box 1940, Manchester Center, VT 05255.

Other Trail Organizations

ATV use is also prohibited on trails devloped by other organizations. This includes trail systems developed and maintained by the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, the Greem Mountain Club, the Catamount Trail Association, the Green Mountain Horse Association and similar organizations.

ATV Clubs

There are two known ATV riding clubs in Vermont. Riders rnay want to contact them to find out where memers ride.

Other Information Sources

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