Vermont Recreation Trails Program

Mini Grant Application for 1999

Due Date: February 5, 1999

In General

The Mini Grant option is a new two-year pilot project under the Vermont Recreation Trails Grant Program beginning in federal fiscal year 1999.

Up to $3,000 has been set aside for Mini Grants to be available to local governments, community volunteer groups, educational institutions, civic groups, or approved non-profit organizations with recreation trails in their goals. Projects may provide "seed" money to perform certain recreation trail activities or to provide training, to develop a trail, or to purchase educatiohal tools or materials.

Funding Levels and Grant Amounts.

Grant requests of up to $500 may be awarded on 100% of cost; there is no local match requirement for these grants. A sponsor may use the grant as seed money for projects over $500, but the sponsor should provide information on the source(s) of additional funding.

Types of Mini Grant Projects.

Mini Grant projects must clearly pose no negative historical or environmental impact. Projects should "stand-alone" rather than be part of a larger or ongoing trail project and shall not be major maintenance items for existing trails.

Examples of eligible activities and materials are given below. Funding is not limited to the examples listed; the FP&R will consider all creative ideas for implementing effective recreation trail projects at the local level.

How to apply.

Submit one complete set of all application materials no later than 4:30 PM on Friday, February 5, 1999. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Applications will be reviewed in-house at the FP&R and recommendations will be made to the application review committee for their approval. Approval will be based upon demonstrated need.

Trails Program Contacts

Laurie Adams, Rec. & Trails Admin. Asst.
E-mail ladams@fpr.anr.
Peter Strobridge, FP&R Business Mgr.
E-mail pstrobridge@fpr. anr. state.vt. us
Vt. Dept. Forests, Parks & Recreation
103 S. Main St., Bldg. 10 S.
Waterbury, VT 05671-0604
Fax: 802/244-1481

Project Summary

Project/ Trail Name:

Applicant type (check one): ___ Municipal ___ Not-for-profit

Contact Person, Title Telephone #

Applicant/ Project Sponsor

Mailing address Town/City Zip+4

Summary description of project. (Attach separate sheets only if necessary.)






Identify other community partners in this project, if any:



Est. start date:______________________ Est. completion date:______________________

Description of Cost......................................................... Amt. donated
to or paid by
if any
Grant Amount
1. $ $
2. $ $
3. $ $
4 $ $

The signature below attest that the information contained in the attached trail grant application is accurate and complete and that if funding received, the project sponsor will carry out the work in a timely, cost effective manner and in conformance with the guidelines of the Vermont Recreation Trails Grant Program.


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