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To: Friends of Vermont Trails
From: Bryant M. Watson, Chair, Vermont Trails and Greenways Council
Subject: Membership
Date: May 04, 1999

The Vermont Trails and Greenways Council was established more than a decade ago. One of its primstr goals was to assure that a mechanism was set in place that would assure funding far trails in the United States. Many members worked long and hard to make this dream comes true. They, along with sister groups from across the country fought long and hard to have Congress pass the National Recreational Trails Fund. This prograr~ is now in place and funding has been secured through the year 2003 with the passage of TEA-21, the new transportation effciency act. Vermont stands to receive more than $1 million over the next three years of this program.

Another major victory for the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council was the passage of the Vermont Trails Act. A part of this program established the Vermont Trails Fund as well as the Vermont Trails System, The Vermont Trails Fund returns 3/4 of one percent ($370,000+-), ofVermont's gas tax, to the infrasfructure ofVermont's trails. This was another big win for all of Vermont recreation

Workng together, setting aside contrasts makes a difference! The two programs that are outlined above would never have happened if Vermont's recreational groups hadn't worked together. Vermont's economy is the big winner; it harvests in excess of $1,000,000,000 annually from Vermont recreational activities.

The Vermont Trails and Greenways Council is an important part of Vermont's recreational community. We help plan for the future of Vermont's recreational activities and recommend and oversee the allocation of funds created by both of the above programs. However, the most important aspect of the Council is that it gives all of Vermont's recreational community the vehicle to set aside personal issues and the ahihty to work together to fbrm a cohesive unit working as one, to advance recreation in Vermont.

Enclosed you will find a membership application and a list of paid members belonging to the Council. If you have not renewed your membership and your groups name is not on this List, now is the time to renew, Or, if you have never been a member, now is the time to make out that check and to become a member. The Council's Annual Meeting will take place on May 21, at the Seyon Ranch in Grot;on State Forest. (A map is enclosed tbr yatcr convenience.) The Council needs your support! Please join our cause and attend the annualmeeting. Help us shape the future ofVermont recreation. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Vermont Trails and Greenways Council

FY '99 Membership List
As of 3/119/99

Member Location Class
Agency of Transportation Montpelier 1
Catamount Trails Association Burlington 1
East Montpelier Trails, inc. E Montpelier 2
Green Mountain Club Waterbury Center 1
Ned Houston Waterbury Center 3
Kenyon Karl Warren, NH 3
National Park Service Woodstock 1
George Plumb, VRPA Washington 3
David Smith Middlebury 3
Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Berlin 1
Vermont Mountain Bike Advocates Waterbury 1
Thomas Villors, USDA-NRCS White River Jct. 3
Windmill Hill Pinnacle Putney 2


Class Category Dues
1 Statewide $30.00
2 Local $20.00
3 Individual $10.00
4 Commercial $50.00

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