Electric Scooters

AARP Product Report Electric Scooters

This booklet provides information to help you decide if an electric scooter might meet your needs. Up to now, very little comparative information was widely available. This product report seeks to fill an information gap with brand name information, user comments, and suggestions. We can’t guarantee you’ll be problem free, but we’ll help you make a more informed choice. We wrote this guide for the first-time buyer. However, if this is your second or third purchase, there will be information you, too, can use.

Pride Mobility Products Corporation

Pride is the worlds leading manufacturer of electric Scooters and Lift Chairs and an emerging leader in Power Wheelchairs.

Discount Scooters

This firm sells a wide variety of scooters on a nationwide basis at discounted prices. Their catalogs are very helpful because they compare important features and prices. Note that this firm also arranges for short-term scooter rentals for business or vacation travel purposes!

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