The Logging Railroads of J.E.Henry

By Bill Gove

Bondcliff Books of Littleton, N.H. is proud to announce the spring 1998 publishing of this new book exploring the history of James Everill (J.E.) Henry's famous logging railroads in the White Mountains. Henry, one of the most controversial and domineering figures in White Mountains annals, invaded the valleys and mountainsides of the region with his railroads to harvest the valuable virgin timber which predominated in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The Logging RaiIroads of J.E. Henry chronicles the history of these timber operations, focusing primarily on Henry's Zealand Valley and East Branch railroad lines. The book will feature more than 150 historic photographs, plus numerous maps and charts detailing Henry's logging railroad operations.

The author, retired forester Bill Gove, has long had a deep interest in forest history, as well as the histories of lumbering and railroading. He has previously coauthored the books, Rails in the North Woods, a history of logging railroads in the Adirondacks of New York and Vermont's Granite Railroads.

For more information on The Logging Railroads of J.E. Henry contact:

Bondcliff Books, P.O. Box 385, Littleton, NH 03561

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