Vermont Recreation Trails Grant Program

Administrative Guide for 1999

Table of Contents

In General

Purchasing & Contracts

Request for Reimbursement 8

Performance Report 9

Donated Labor Report 10

Time & Attendance Report for Sponsor Labor 11

Request for Cash Advance to Trail Grant 12

Environmental Clearances & Contacts 13

Application Review Committee Guidelines & Membership 15

Project Agreement form 16

Single Audit Act Compliance 17

Appendix A: Vermont Trail System

Appendix B: Trail Protection Strategies

Appendix C: Funding and Technical Assistance for Trails and Greenways in Vermont

Appendix D-E-F-G: Natural Resources Guidelines for Recreation Path & Trail Planning

Appendix H: Davis-Bacon Labor Wage Rates by County for Vermont

Appendix I: Adopt-A-Trail Program

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