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Information about the current condition of this old railroad bed is presented as if it was one continuous trail. Unfortunately, this trail is a patch-quilt of different ownerships and different rules for use, and unfortunate gaps in the trail. Indeed, the extreme ends of this trail are merely abandoned railroad beds that would be suitable for trail purposes once the rails and ties are removed. Accordingly, potential trail users must examine the individual pages of this section to determine whether the sections that they have in mind are suitable for their intended purposes! 

Mileage Chart & Detailed Trail Information

The following railroad mileage chart also serves as a table of contents for the detailed rail-trail information and associated pictures. Each page begins with the name of the historic railroad station, and continues with detailed information about the trail on either side of that point, to a point roughly half-way to the next railroad station. The page then concludes with a set of icons representing the services and points of interest that are within a reasonable distance of the trail. 

Miles* Station Settlement Municipality
0.00 South Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence
0.78 North Lawrence Lawrence Lawrence
2.51 Methuen Methuen Methuen
3.88 Hampshire Roads Hampshire Road Salem
4.65 [Kelley Rd - end of track] Salem Salem
7.03 Salem Salem Depot Salem
8.84 Canobie Lake North Salem Salem
12.90 Windham Windham Depot Windham
16.06 Derry Derry Derry
19.37 Wilson Wilson Londonderry
21.17 Londonderry North Londonderry Londonderry
23.55 Willey Manchester Airport Manchester

* Railroad Miles from South Lawrence
Dark face = telegraph station in 1923
Italics indicates points beyond any current trail proposal

Mileage and Station Names from the Official List of Officers, Agents and Stations of the Boston & Maine Railroad, July 1,1923.

Railroad Abandonment Summary

Item From To Year RR Miles
352 Salem Derry 1983 B&M 9.0
366 Derry Grenier AFB
1986 B&M 4.9
B&M = Boston & Maine Railroad
From the "Directory of Rail Abandonments 1848-1994" in the book by Ronald Dale Karr Lost Railroads of New England, 2nd Ed., published by Branch Line Press in 1996.
Docket From To Year RR Miles
AB 32 88 X Salem
MP 4.65
MP 7.60
2000 B&M 2.95
Decisions of the Surface Transportation Board available at their Web Site.

1895 County Atlas - showing railroads [very slow loading]:

Sign images are from the Manual of Traffic Signs, by Richard C. Moeur.

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