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Wambek Jct to Gorham Upper Village - 17.9 miles

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Mileage chart & detailed trail information

The following mileage chart is used to organize available information rail-trail. Each underlined station name is a link to a page containing as much information as is available about that section of the rail-trail.








0.54 Whitefield TFP   Whitefield Whitefield Whitefield
3.11 Hazen ---     Hazen Whitefield
5.62 Jefferson Jct. TFP C130.70 Waumbek Jct. Waumbek Jct Jefferson
8.14 Cherry Mtn. TFP C133.22 Jefferson Meadows Jefferson
9.94 Highlands -FP C135.01 Highlands Highlands Jefferson
12.12 Boy Mtn. ---   ----   Jefferson
14.87 Bowman T-- C139.94 Bowman Bowman Randolph
17.79 Appalachia ---   ---- Appalachia Randolph
19.01 Randolph TFP C144.08 Randolph Randolph Randolph
20.63 Mt Madison Springs ---   ----   Randolph
23.55 Gorham TFP C148.62 Gorham Gorham Upper Village Gorham
--?-- [end of trail]     [end of trail]   Gorham

1923 Miles from Whitefield Jct. 1983 Miles from Concord via Plymouth. 
Svcs: T=Telegraph, F=Freight Accounts, P=Passenger tickets
Bold Face indicates telegraph station in 1923.

1923 Mileage, Station Names and Svcs. from Official List of Officers, Agents and Stations of the Boston & Maine Railroad, July 1,1923 . 1983 Mileage and Station names from a B&M RR Employee Timetable.


The Whitefield-Gorham Rail-trail is State-owned property, thus WMNF fees do not apply to users of the rail-trail. However, WMNF property is often adjacent or otherwise in close proximity to this rail-trail, so that usage of WMNF land in the course of a trip on the rail-trail is an ever present possibility. Accordingly, trail users must be aware that the White Mountain National Forest currently charges a 'parking fee' for unattended vehicles parked on WMNF land, as a means of funding trail maintenance and other visitor facilities of the National Forest. Current information about this fee is available on the Parking Pass Page of the Official Web Site. Note however that trail users can totally avoid this fee if:

Connections to the Woodsville-Littleton Rail-trail

The Bike Trail Map on the reverse side of the Official NH Highway Map shows Route 116 as a designated bicycle route. The State Map does not designate lightly used town roads as bicycle routes. More information about the State Bike Trail Map can be obtained from the NH Bureau of Trails at 603-271-3254.

The Snowmobile Corridor Map on the reverse side of the Official NH Highway Map shows Corridor 5 as a connecting snowmobile route between Littleton and Jefferson. More information about the State Snowmobile Corridor Map can be obtained from the NH Bureau of Trails at 603-271-3254.

The Whitefield Service of Freedom Express can transport hikers, skiers, and bicylists between the end of the potential rail-trail in Littleton and the various potential rail-trail access points in Whitefield and Jefferson. Freedom Express does accomodate bicycles and skis in the wheelchair area of the bus by advance request when that space is not required by a wheelchair passenger. A trailer can also be attached to the Freedom Express bus by advance request to accomodate a group of bicyclists.

Information The White Mountain National Forest Official Web Site contains a great deal of useful information about the National Forest and its facilities. Additional information can be obtained by in-person visits to WMNF Ranger Stations, as well as at numerous tourist information booths in the surrounding area. Additional information and more pictures of the White Mountains is available at the White Mountains Info Server.

Bus Stop Public Transit Service

Concord Trailways provides daily intercity bus service on two separate routes to Gorham and Littleton. Concord Trailways does accept bicycles on a conditional basis.

Freedom Express provides local public transportation on a demand responsive basis within Coos County and thus serves all access points of the rail-trail. Freedom Express accepts bicycles in the wheelchair area of the bus by advance request when that space is not required by a wheelchair passenger. A trailer can also be attached to the Freedom Express bus by advance request to accommodate a group of bicyclists.

Yellow PagesLocal Services Directory

Each location map on this Web Site is a link to a map on the Mapblast Web Site which in turn contains a link to a Business Directory of the surrounding area.

Railroad Abandonment Summary

Docket Line From MP To MP Year RR Miles
AB-475X   Gorham 149.4 Wambek Jct 103.5 1996 NHVT *

NHVT = New Hampshire & Vermont RR

From railroad abandonment notices published in the Federal Register (1994-1998).

Item From To Year RR Miles
307 Quebec Jct. Wambek Jct. 1977 MC 2.5

MC = Maine Central Railroad

From 'Rail Abandonments in New England 1848-1994' in the book Lost Railroads of New England, 2nd Ed. by Ronald Dale Karr, published by Branch Line Press in 1996.

1895 County Atlas - showing railroads [very slow loading]:

NH-DOT Planned Rail-trail & Bikeway projects

Name Route Number Description Years Cost
Ry Corridor
12638 Preservation of 1.5 miles of abandoned railroad corridor - convert to multi-use path [96-40TE] R1999 .045

Years: R= Right-of-way acquisition, C=Construction

From the Ten Year Transportation Improvement Program 1999-2008 prepared by the NH Department of Transportation and submitted to the Legislature by the Governor in December of 1997. 

Federal Funding Summary

Project Name Year City County Federal $ Local $ Total $
Acquire Pondicherry RR Corridor 1998 JEFFERSON-WHITEFIELD N/A $36,000 $9,000 $45,000

This list is drawn on April 8, 2000 from a database maintained by the National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse.  Direct questions to NTEC at 1-888-388-NTEC or by email to ntec@transact.org.

The Pondicherry Railway Corridor is the right-of-way of the informally established snowmobile path on the Maine Central Railroad right-of-way that connects Waumbek Junction with Airport road.

NH Executive Council Actions

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - Authorized to enter into a Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Boston and Maine Corporation to acquire a parcel of abandoned railroad property in Whitefield and Jefferson for a price not to exceed $40,000.00.

Item #106 of the Executive Council Minutes for June 8, 2000

DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION - Authorized to grant a permanent easement which consists of 2,000 square feet, more or less, to the Town of Gorham for water and sewer lines under the State-owned Berlin Branch Railroad Line in the Town of Gorham.

of the Executive Council Minutes for May 24, 2000

Sign images are from the Manual of Traffic Signs by Richard C. Moeur.

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